A portrait of John at home, smiling.

There were people who loved me
- John

John thought that if he could just be successful, he wouldn’t have to deal with his pain. But success left him feeling empty, and he realised that he needed support to manage suicidal thoughts.
Smiling portrait of Phoebe at the beach.

People do want to help
- Phoebe

Growing up, Phoebe worried she was feeling very different things to everyone else. Now, she wishes she’d known how many other people struggle with their mental health, and that help is there for you if you ask.
Damon sitting with an artistic impression of a turtle on the wall in the background.

You’re better off here
- Damon

Damon didn’t want to bring anyone down by admitting he felt life wasn’t worth living. But when he finally opened up, things started to change for the better.
Nic in the park, looking proud.

Small things give me hope
- Nic

‘Fly in fly out’ worker Nic tried to cope with his dark thoughts by bottling them up. He now realises that being ‘tough’ wasn’t the answer, and that the people around him really did want to help.
A portrait of Steph in a leafy garden, looking contemplative.

I don’t feel alone anymore
- Steph

Steph’s parents were concerned about her, but she felt too embarrassed to tell them about her suicidal thoughts. Then, something inside pushed her to reach out for help.
A portrait of Mark, smiling on the beach.

Your worries aren’t a burden
- Mark

A ‘perfect’ life isn’t always what it seems. Mark knows that while it might look like someone has it all, you don’t know what’s going on in their head. When he reached out for help, a massive weight was lifted.

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